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Our Success Story!

Thank you so much for stopping by our business blog. We would like to give you a warm welcome to this dedicated space where we talk about all things concerning design, branding, marketing, entrepreneurship and online business. What better way to kick things off than with an inspiring success story! That's right, we are about to re-introduce ourselves to you, but caution... because after this we consider you family.

Founded in 2018

Did you know our CEO & Founder actually started in fashion? Her first love is designing women's accessories for her namesake label Jade Alycia Inc. It was after 2 years of having her fashion brand that she founded and launched JW Branding.Co after a love for design and a passion for building businesses turned from a hobby into a business itself. What an incredible brand story right?

Meet Our #GirlBoss

Meet Jade Alycia, a successful millennial entrepreneur who grew up in the small town of Montclair, New Jersey. The same place where we are virtually located today. On the daily, she shares her expertise in design, branding and marketing while managing her other growing brands and personal blog. This year alone she has gone on to publish her first book titled, Profit From Your Untapped Passion, teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to turn what they love doing into a luxury online business and recently opened up a mentorship program where she works one on one with future entrepreneurs to help equip them for their first year in business and beyond. Here's what she says motivated her to push past the limitations and confinements of being a first-time business owner.

"I remember that before I launched my online fashion business, I didn't care what people would think about it, I didn't have anyone offering me support nor did I have any idea of a mentor that would walk me through the process."

Read more about her entrepreneurial story in Profit From Your Untapped Passion available on Amazon and in our online book shop.

Design Your Dream

Our mission at JWBranding.Co is to assist aspiring and full-time entrepreneurs with designing, branding, & marketing their business for success. Our tight-knit design team works to turn aspiring entrepreneurs into online business owners by bringing to life the client's dream branding that also attracts their dream clientele. Our motto? Design. Brand. Market.

Work With Us!

Services include but are not limited to:

💻 Designer Websites

⚜️ Custom Logos

👥 Social Media Banners

📌 Custom PDF templates

📇 Business & Thank You Card Design

✍🏼 Custom Illustrations

📷 Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

🖇 Modern Media Kits

📱 Custom Social Media Graphics

🪄 Social Media Makeovers

📊 Social Media Success Marketing Plans

To hire us please book a complimentary consultation to talk with our team about your request.

Welcome to the family! Don't be shy, introduce yourself in the comments. We can't wait to connect with you.

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