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How To Pick An Iconic Logo For Your Brand

Today we will be sharing a few key tips on how to pick an iconic logo for your brand, why you need and a logo and why it’s important to pick an iconic logo. If you haven’t already, be sure to stop by Profit from Your Untapped Passion on Instagram. There you will meet our community of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking weekly encouragement, inspiration and motivation on their entrepreneurial journey. No matter what stage you are currently at in your journey, we want to welcome you to this safe space where you are able to learn, ask questions and support one another. Over there we are going to be talking more about how to get started and how to actually launch your very own luxury online business.

Let's start by identifying what exactly an iconic logo is. An iconic logo is a unique symbol that represents a particular company that is easily recognizable. Now that you are familiar with the basics, let's get started!

What Your Logo Represents

Your logo represents your brand, who you are and your status symbol. The status of your business could be high-end luxury, modern middle class or the general public. Depending on your desired status for your business it can be depicted in your logo as a symbol of it by using design. There are so many different logos to choose from like ones that are modern and sleek, animated, or big and bold. The options are truly endless. However, the one that you pick for your brand should depict what your brand is all about to a person that just sees your logo. You want to give a good idea to someone that has never heard of you or visited your website what type of content you create and what to expect.

How Your Logo Represents Your Brand

Your logo represents your brand in the lettering, colors, and fonts you pick to create with. Once all the elements of your logo come together they collectively represent to tell someone about your brand.

Your logo is a virtual footprint. When a person googles your business, one of the first things to pop up is your logo. You want to make sure you are using your logo to the best of your ability in your content and on your website. Ensuring that it isn’t coming off spam-like to visitors but rather creating brand awareness among your audience.

What Makes Your Logo Iconic

This is where you have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the smaller players in your field versus the more iconic players in your field. A perfect example of an iconic brand is Louis Vuitton. Whether you are hip to the latest fashions or not, everyone knows that the LV is Louis Vuitton’s signature. Another example of an iconic brand is McDonald’s. When you see the golden arches whether it be in person or on television you know that the symbol is associated with McDonald’s. A place where you can pick up a happy meal or a quick bite to eat off the dollar menu. All in all, it’s iconic.

How Do You Pick An Iconic For Your Brand

When you are selecting an iconic logo for your brand, you first want to consider what do you want to make iconic about your brand, what do you want everyone to immediately see, recognize and know when they see your logo. Secondly, you want to consider how do you stand out among all the competition and how can I make it iconic.

This is a multistep process that we take our client’s through when working to create a logo for them. We typically ask them a few questions interview-style to get a good sense of what their brand is all about, what colors they gravitate towards, and what they desire for people to about their brand. This information will allow us to construct or design a logo that suits them, but will also attract the people they wish to have as their dream clients. If you want to work with our team to design you an iconic logo click here to book a free call today.

If you want to learn more on how to pick an iconic logo for your brand pick up a copy of our book, Profit From Your Untapped Passion where you are able to dive in deep on this topic and more.

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